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Letter: Honoring the Thin Blue Line

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This week is National Police Week, in honor of our law enforcement officers who sacrifice so much to keep us safe.   

Daily they put their lives on the line; every time they go to work they wonder if they will still be alive to go home after their shifts.  Every time they respond to a call they have no idea what they will encounter. It could be a situation where they have to make split second life-or-death decisions.

Add to that, when a situation occurs in another part of the country, where a law enforcement officer is involved in questionable conduct, they are lumped together in a diatribe against all in the law enforcement field.  Then, more often than not, the officers are found to be innocent of any wrong doing. But, the stigma still lingers and the stain remains.

We appreciate you officers for all you do, not just during this week, but every day of the year. And, we pray for your safety.

Sue Long, chairman

Mid-Peninsula Support Yo...

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