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Letter: High survival

Editor, Gazete-Journal:

332,272,200 people live in the USA.Don’t take my word for it, ask your cell phone.And don’t take my word for these numbers either:40,900,000 people have contracted Covid in the USA.658,000 died of Covid in the USA.

378,000,000+ shots have been given in the USA.This number increases by a million per day.Your phone has them too.

40,900,000 cases.660,000 deaths.40,240,000 survivors.That is a 98+% survival rate.

Now tell me;There are 80,000,000 virgin holdoutswho must get shot or lose their job.And they wish to prohibit them from any travel(Unless, curiously, they are postal carriers).

So, I wonder three things.First, are any of them women?Second, what about people who are naturally immune?(Estimated at over 100,000,000).Third, what about people who are in the 98+% group?Like me.

Because I’m not going to submit to shot tyranny.Especially when they can’t even do simple math.Let alone hew to basic science.

Bill HusztekGloucester, Va.

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