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Letter: Heroin addiction is destroying our community

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Dear community, first and foremost, I owe you all an apology for my behavior and for the crimes I committed. I have been raised in Gloucester since I was five (I’m 29 now). This is my home and I am proud to say so … a place where we help one another at a moment’s notice. You may not be aware that Gloucester and Mathews are in a losing battle with heroin addiction, and it is destroying our community!

For 10 years off and on I have struggled with opiate addiction (pain killers and eventually heroin). It has wrecked my life and led me to do desperate things and commit thoughtless harm. Our counties need to come together in a joint effort to provide education, prevention and treatment for opiate addiction. I am now in prison because of the crimes I committed to feed my addiction. We need a better solution to long-term prison sentencing for drug and non-violent property crimes.

Fortunately I have been placed in a behavioral correctional program...

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