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Letter: Help the Brooks family

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Something sad has been happening to a family of six living in Mathews County. The happening has everything to do with their home being flooded four times. The last time was the final straw. The home had to be lifted via county ordinance. The money for the lifting came from various places involving FEMA, state and local monies.

The lifting of the home failed. It is like that song that used to be on “Hee Haw” that goes “gloom, despair, and agony on me …” The bottom line was that a grant for the lifting of the home had never before been handled by the county of Mathews. It would be their first effort. From that point, everything that could be done wrong was done wrong. This poor family discovered that their home was assigned a contractor from way out of state. In other words, the Class B contractor had no experience working with our local soil conditions. Neither did the contractor have proper liability insurance to do the job. Who...

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