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Letter: Heading for a fall

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

America’s national debt is increasing at a pace never seen before. With a current debt exceeding $28 trillion after an increase of nearly $5 trillion in the past 14 months, Washington is now debating an infrastructure bill that is near a trillion dollars while the country confronts a $3 trillion-plus deficit. Rest assured, inflation is going to get a lot higher simply because the government has no choice but to print money to pay its debts.

It is becoming common knowledge that the government is bankrupt. While many in government point to the Covid shutdown as the cause of the dire financial situation, don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.

The government has been bankrupt long before Covid appeared on the scene. However, the prolific spending that occurred during the pandemic appears to have taught Congress that they can spend with impunity.

Once they broke that trillion dollar ceiling during the pandemic, they realized that they could just keep spending...

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