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Letter: He never worked on a farm

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I used to work on a farm. It was long, hard, hot work that didn’t pay much. We labored from dawn to “dark-thirty.” The salt-of-the-earth folks I worked with understood and practiced important values that have helped make our country great.

I’m worried our current president hasn’t learned those values. He’s from a big city and never worked on a farm.

Here are 15 of the rock-solid values from the farm. I hope people realize our president is embarrassing our country by not following them:

1. Respect women and don’t joke about sexually assaulting them;

2. Judge people by how they act, not by the color of their skin or what country they’re from;

3. Don’t belittle our patriots who suffered as prisoners of war;

4. Respect people of different religions;

5. Help those less fortunate than you, and don’t be impressed by someone just because they’re rich;

6. Don’t brag about yourself, and don&...

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