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Letter: He cannot vote Republican

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With elections coming up on Nov. 4, keep in mind which party is for the rich and which party is for all the people.

Remember that the Republican Party brought us trickle-down economics. Now, CEOs make 354 times what the average worker makes. They do not want to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour. That’s $290 per week if you have a 40-hour a week job. That’s $1,160 per month and they claim that’s a livable wage. How’s that working for you? And they still believe in the trickle-down theory. Well, I think most Americans feel they’ve been trickled on. Keep the masses economically oppressed. Easier to control.

All the talk about losing our rights under this administration, but not giving real examples. Just look at the Republican-controlled states and how they are trying to make it harder for citizens to vote. When you look at the millions of people in this country that use their right to vote and then can’t give you an ...

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