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Letter: Have you noticed?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

If we could hear it, it would sound like the chipping away of a rock with a chisel, one piece at a time, until you hit a weak spot, then a larger piece falls away. Some probably haven’t noticed, but it is real and it’s actually the chipping away of another part of the freedom given to us at the foundation of America.

To list it all isn’t possible in a letter to the editor, but the obvious is easy: An administration that ignores the established balance of power, chooses not to present his ideas to the House for discussion (assuming they will not agree, but not even trying to engage) and prefers “administrative power,” and knows his loyal Senate leader will not allow anything the House submits to even be discussed.

In other words, “we the people” have no voice. Freedom? Balance? Not now. We need to understand that the men who wrote our Constitution would call this administrative power illegal, no different than the act...

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