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Letter: Have we all lost our minds?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I had to wait a few weeks since the Charlottesville debacle to see the news coverage and sort through the chaff to get to the wheat. Naturally, the lame stream media focused on the “white supremacists” aspect and ignored the beating an elderly white man took at the hands of the “Politically Correct (Democrat)” Antifa crowd. 

Folks, this is simple. Those “with” God’s knowledge see it plain and clear, by viewing life through the prism of Good versus Evil, Right versus Wrong. No black/white, right/left, Republican/Democrat.

Those who know God can clearly see the lunacy of today. Tearing down statues that have stood for over 150 years will not erase history, will not change a racist mind, will not transform someone from poverty. Where do we think we are going by doing this? It is insanity on steroids! The Democrats say: Never let a good crisis go to waste (Rahm Emanuel). Since there have been no crises under Trump, ...

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