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Letter: Hate-filled comments crossed the line

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I seldom read the Washington Merry-Go-Round column in your newspaper because it never changes, just the usual insults from the left toward any and all that don’t fall into line with the "I don’t like America" mantra, but today it hit bottom.

The bias, spiteful, hate-filled comments about President George W. Bush ("After the White House," April 11 issue) crossed the line and frankly, I pity those who think this way because the day will come, as it always does, when they will have to pay the bill for their lies and the damage they do to America.

President Bush and his wife were regularly beaten with insults by people like this, and even though the media tried very hard to dig up dirty secrets on both of them, they failed, because they don’t have any to dig up. The worst they found was that President Bush had to face his problem with alcohol and then stopped drinking! They beat this to death as long as they could, but ignored the courage ...

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