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Letter: Governments have an expiration date

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The remarkably fulsome dissertation "I am a patriotic Democrat" (Aug. 30 Readers Write) was a remarkable treatise on why the way things are in America. The finger pointing. The denigrating rhetoric. The blame. Divisive politics as usual.

Unfortunately, there’s not one word directed to the reality of the issues that currently confront America and its people.

Socialism, fascism, plutocracy, etc., are beside the point. America is bankrupt due to uncontrolled spending. The Supreme Court’s recent endorsement of socialism only adds to that spending. At this moment, America has a national debt of $15.9 trillion. Current federal spending exceeds federal income by $2.7 billion per day. The total federal unfunded liabilities exceed $120 trillion. The Federal Reserve is scheduled to meet later this year to discuss the possibility of another round of currency creation, euphemistically referred to as QE-3. We haven’t had a budget in three years, ne...

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