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Letter: Government trampling on due process rights

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The president and Congress have descended to a new low. Their action of inserting language within a defense spending bill to deny U.S. citizens due process strikes of the casting of a stone while attempting to hide one’s hand. This act of deceit speaks volumes about the ethics and character of those whom we have elected to leadership positions.

Both the president and Congress have unshackled government from the restraints placed upon it by the Constitution. The government can now arrest American citizens on American soil for certain suspected terrorist charges. Those so arrested will be subject to indefinite detention on the merest suspicion of terrorism.

This action comes just after the government claimed the right to kill U.S. citizens abroad who are suspected of terrorism, again without due process.

With the Constitution and due process being dismissed as irrelevant by government, it is beginning to appear that life and liberty, to say nothin...

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