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Letter: Government responsibility

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The president and the governor of Virginia have much in common. Both behave as if their job is to mold and shape how the people they are supposed to serve should think. This is a serious mistake, and it’s time for the people to remind them that they are there to manage the established offices of government in place, not to change the rules or laws to suit their own opinions.

The governor’s hypocrisy regarding human life is proven every day, but his actions regarding the death penalty are too much. Those who have been found guilty of deliberately taking the life of another, some more than one murder and many often inflicting terrible pain and suffering in the process, are the people the governor “feels” for—not the victims or their families, but the murderers.

Reading about his behavior reminds me of his disregard for human life when it comes to the unborn child. No concern for the child’s right to live or the fact that the...

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