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Letter: Government nationalization

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Elections at the national level have rolled around again. This time the voters, those who wish to exercise that right provided by the Constitution, have an opportunity to redeem themselves in all their lifestyles, if they considered their past voting habits failed their expectations over the past six years.

The need to consider if your wages increased, you are still gainfully employed, are not caught in the web of the National Health Care System, and you can show yourselves an increase in your savings accounts for the future. Do you own a business or were a new startup entrepreneurship, are you still in business or have closed up shop due to more government regulations and increased unemployment?

Your vote this time around sets the signal whether you approve of the nationalization of the government, where you follow the edict of the Central Government or your desires are of the past a freely elected majority allowing individual opportunity to exceed all your...

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