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Letter: Go away ACLU

Editor, Gazette-Journal: 

The ACLU complaint against Gloucester refers to news reports as supporting evidence. Many news reports on such stories are one-sided, lack accurate evidence and are sensationalized like most of the reports surrounding the restroom-use issue. This tactic is used to inflame their argument. The ACLU’s complaint is full of inaccuracies and speculative assertions.

The ACLU did not include school board meeting videos in their complaint so they could twist the facts like they have. The word “freak,” spoken publicly by one of the people, is mentioned in negative context in the complaint. When the speaker used the word he was interrupted by the school board chairperson before he could complete what he was saying. Had the chairperson truly been listening to what the person was saying and allowed him to complete his words instead of being more concerned about how much time the speaker had remaining, he would have realized there was no personal at...

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