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Letter: Gloucester’s finest

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With all the turmoil and unhappy people in the world today, it is a great experience to have a chance for a pleasant relationship with our law enforcement. Two of Gloucester’s finest came to my wife’s and my distress on Route 17 on Thursday, June 6. Our truck decided to quit functioning at the stop light near KFC. Nothing I could do to engage the transmission or move the truck would work. Immediately there were two county sheriff’s officers—Sheriff Darrell W. Warren and a deputy whose name started with a B (I apologize for not remembering his name). They stopped traffic and helped manually push the truck out of traffic into the KFC parking lot.

Not only did they get us off the busy highway, but Sheriff Warren stayed with us and called for a tow truck. Thank you, Mark Harvey of Mark’s Auto & Welding Services for answering the call and towing us to a repair shop.

Want to not only thank the two county mounties but relay to the ...

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