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Letter: Glad to be here

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have lived my entire 66 years in Mathews County. I grew up in the Diggs area near family and friends. I enjoyed the country life of the great outdoors—riding my bike, playing with pets, climbing trees and going to the beach.

My mother was my best pal. We went to Aaron’s Beach at Diggs and to New Point beach with my aunt, who had a cottage there. Dad would take us for boat rides in his workboat.

Now my beach experience is a few hours on Saturday afternoon. Mom is no longer with me in person, but I am blessed to have the Festival Beach at Diggs to enjoy.

The road to the beach has been greatly improved for a smooth drive. Parking is 

orderly, with no chance of getting stuck, and there are bathroom facilities.

It is pleasant to listen to children as they play in the water and on the shore. Families enjoy a picnic, men fish from the giant rocks placed by the county to keep the beach from eroding. Well-behaved dogs on leashes trot the shore w...

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