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Letter: Giving away our autonomy … one agreement at a time

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

While our attention is focused on the next presidential election, the ultimate fate of our country could be in the works right now. If a foreign governing body will be making our laws and enforcing them, what does it matters who holds office in America?

But how could that happen? The American people wouldn’t allow that. Sure, if they know about it. However, it could be put into effect by the unsuspecting if it is given a good sounding name, sold as a benefit to America, and implemented a little at a time until it is too late to extricate from it.

We already have NAFTA, which is responsible for the loss of many jobs to outsourcing. Then there is the pending TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) which would merge our country into a regional government in the Pacific. Sold as a means of beating out China in trade agreements, we are not told how China could join TPP later on, in spite of our objections. In addition, TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partn...

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