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Letter: Give the board some space

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In her letter last week, Dee Russell’s characterization of the public comments to Tim Hill at the March 15 Planning Commission meeting as threatening and derogatory was wrong. Tim Hill wasn’t asked to resign because he asked a question, but for insinuating to the county attorney that a supervisor was operating a business without a license, along with his history of being disrespectful to board members and other citizens with whom he disagrees. (I personally have been on the receiving end of one of Mr. Hill’s unjustified and public verbal attacks. It is not a pleasant experience.)

On Jan. 26, as shown on the Zoom video, and again on March 23, Mr. Hill displayed yet another form of disrespect to the citizens of this county. He presented himself as the county citizen commissioner at the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission meetings and voted—when his term had ended in December 2021.

What isn‘t general knowledge is both Mr. Hill and Ms. Russell p...

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