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Letter: Give me a break!

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

“Biden is weak” (“The Big Picture,” March 10 Readers Write). Give me a break! Trump tried to destroy NATO to appease his hero, Putin. Trump abandoned the Kurds to Putin’s puppet Erdogan. Trump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear treaty and they started up their program again. Trump abandoned our bases in Syria to Putin. Trump stopped our military exercises in South Korea to appease Kim for a “love letter.”

We withdrew from Afghanistan because Trump agreed to let the Taliban take over the country. Trump was willing to abandon Ukraine for dirt on Hunter Biden. He would surely turn his back now if he were president when Putin invaded Ukraine.

Trump had Americans teargassed so he could have a photo-op holding a Bible upside down in front of a church he never attended. Trump told his followers on Jan. 6 he would go with them to the Capitol. But instead he retreated to the safety of the White House to watch what he wrought.

President Biden has the strength...

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