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Letter: Gill for C.A.

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I became interested in Jack Gill, our Mathews Commonwealth’s Attorney, when he successfully prosecuted the man who murdered Taylor Behl. Taylor, a freshman at VCU, was murdered in Mathews County.

Last week my husband and I visited the Circuit Court of Mathews as observers. A young woman, now a 17-year-old high school student, sat in front of me. At age 12 she became a victim of domestic violence, child molestation, and rape in Mathews County.

It’s startling to realize murder and rape have occurred in our town. It was alarming to observe shackled prisoners entering the courtroom escorted by deputies. And, it was chilling to see their lime green uniforms labeled “inmate.”

Fortunately, Jack works for us, the citizens of Mathews. His job is to protect us from murderers, sexual predators, drug dealers and other criminals. He has effectively prosecuted crime, on our behalf, for the past 20 years. Many felons now reside in the state p...

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