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Letter: Get to know your neighbors

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When neighbors work together with the Gloucester Sheriff’s Office, hit-and-run crimes can be solved. Within one week after two sturdy mailbox posts were demolished, the vehicle’s owner (the suspected driver) paid cash for the damages, in addition to towing his wrecked car. If a person or persons (instead of 4x4 posts and a light pole) had been in the path of that out-of-control car that drove into the ditch on the wrong side of the road, they probably would have been killed.

Lesson for impaired drivers: If you want to get high, stay at home until you come to your senses. There have been too many mail boxes, telephone poles, roadside water meters, and cars wrecked by irresponsible drivers. There shouldn’t have to be a life lost to wake us up.

Lesson to neighborhoods: Get to know your neighbors (the National Neighborhood Night Out helps) and when you see something, say something. The Gloucester Sheriff’s Department can then do something—even when it’s t...

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