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Letter: Gasoline prices out of line with neighbors

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Why is it that we on the Middle Peninsula seem to get hit with the worst of the gasoline prices? Average price here $2.939, whereas Southside it’s $2.829. Even in Richmond and Roanoke they are looking at $2.859. Here we are just like anybody else just trying to make our way through the day-to-day budget woes, and yet, we have to pay higher fuel prices than those around us. Why is this?

I have viewed the different speculations, but overall, I think we as a population are just getting the raw end of a bad deal. Somehow, we must come together to make this right. I personally am not sure how to do this, that is why I come to you. We have got to get back on the even keel with those around us. I think we have slept too long and have allowed too much to go on without our rebuke. Arise, Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex! Let your voices be heard.

John Coleman

Hayes, Va.

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