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Letter: Gary Johnson for president

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Each year, when the presidential election rolls around, many people are left with a bad taste in their mouth due to having to vote for a candidate that isn’t a real choice, but simply the lesser of two evils. This year’s election has reached a new low and many are threatening to boycott the election altogether, rather than cast a vote for either of the two evils. The problem with boycotting the election is that your vote is the only voice you have in this matter and to simply remain silent does not solve the problem.

I believe I have found a solution that I can live with. It seems to me that the real problem is bigger than two bad candidates. The problem is the two-party system. The Democrats and Republicans have had the elections all to themselves for generations.

However, there are other options, other parties who field candidates, and this year for the first time in many years one of those third-party candidates has a legitimate chance to win ...

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