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Letter: G-J editorial demonstrates ‘astounding naïveté’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

"Linking a 1993 U.N. document to today’s most recent comprehensive plan updates is quite a stretch" (Gazette-Journal, Feb. 17). No it is not, and such a declaration reveals astounding naïveté. Any radical idea, to be peacefully accepted by a reluctant population, has to be introduced in increments. And it has been so introduced—over decades. Those "conspiracy theorists" who are putting on the brakes are doing so with the slow realization that we have been slowly duped. Our elected leaders are no smarter than we are—they simply have more authority, without having a clue.

DeWitt Edwards’s thoughtful and very well researched letter is not an example of the work of a "conspiracy theorist." The term, applied to any individual or group which contradicts the established narrative, is meant as a pejorative, and suggests the extremist, the fanatic. Conspiracy theories in Marxist ideology are to be i...

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