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Letter: Fully fund the school budget

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In the Jan. 31 edition of the Gazette-Journal, Mr. Bobby Dobson of Cobbs Creek was quoted as saying, at the school board meeting, that the retirees in Mathews County could not afford the real estate tax increase which would be required by the 13 percent budget increase being requested.  He also said that teaching is not a full-time job since there are only 180 days in the classroom.

As a former classroom teacher for more than 25 years and a member of the Mathews County School Board for 12 years, I wish to refute his statements. Teachers may only be in the classroom 180 days, but they are required to take classes and attend workshops—at their own expense—in order to keep their teaching certificates up-to-date. Also, the end of the class day does not mean the teacher leaves to go home. This is only the beginning of the day.  There are reports to be prepared, papers to be graded and the teacher must devote considerable time to develop chall...

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