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Letter: Free speech applies to all

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The writer in a recent letter to the editor (“A divisive symbol,” May 9 Readers Write) describes a confrontation over the display of the Confederate flag that degraded into a shouting match, “being divisive and reinforcing stereotypes.” Just what stereotypes are left to the reader’s imagination.

I submit to you that it was the writer’s involvement that provokes what was probably an ugly scene. She surely thought her opinion was right and if she only explained it then the flag-flyers would see the error of their ways. There seemed to be no concern for the possibility that the flyers would have their own opinions and would resent some ‘yenta’ interjecting herself into their lives.

I’m sure the writer chalked it up to dealing with “deplorables.” I would suggest that they were not rejecting her carefully reasoned argument so much as they were rejecting HER—for butting in, trampling their opi...

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