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Letter: For Youngkin

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We’re approaching the finish line of the Virginia gubernatorial race, so I felt it was time to dig into some of the claims made by the Democratic candidate, since he had a track record having been down the path not that long ago and was making some interesting claims around one of the most contentious issues, namely education, especially in Loudon and even Fairfax County. This is a hot issue between CRT and school rape and assault with implementation of “gender fluid” practices and poor security to protect girls in restrooms from predators pretending to be something they aren’t, like trans. A 15-year-old male charged twice, now in jail, thank God, after second attack, due in court on Oct. 23.

But the Democratic candidate for governor has accused the Republican of the CRT being a “dog whistle” and disclaiming any knowledge or connection. Ahem … Terry, CRT was being pushed statewide by your Department of Education when you were governor back in 2015. Such ...

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