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Letter: For Theberge

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On June 11, John Meyer, a member of the Peninsula Patriots, a radical right wing group closely allied with the Tea Party, will attempt to capture the Republican nomination for the Gloucester County Supervisor at-large. This is not an attempt to reform government; this is a plan to destroy government.

With the Tea Party contempt for public service we would see the schools suffer, funding given to the Abingdon and Gloucester Fire and Rescue Squads and the Free Clinic slashed, and parks and libraries closed. Youth recreation programs would be reduced or ended and services for the elderly shut down.

Louise Theberge stood with the citizens of Gloucester County when the "gang of four" attempted to take the county in 2008; on June 11, 2013 it is time for the citizens of Gloucester County to stand with Theberge and keep the Tea Party and their platform of hate and greed out of our county.

Wesley and Denise Greene

Hayes, Va.


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