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Letter: For Smith

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am a Republican and I plan to vote for the independent candidate Kevin Smith for supervisor at large. I’m sure this statement will make me persona non grata on the Gloucester Republican Committee, but my love of Gloucester County far outweighs my desire to stay in the good graces of the committee.

As a Republican, I served Gloucester as their at-large supervisor for 14 years. Two of those years were 2008-2009 when Ms. Altemus and her cabal took control of our fair county. Mr. Allen and I as her “fellow Republicans” had great difficulties representing our constituents during those years because Madam Chair stripped us of all but one of our committee assignments (Most supervisors were assigned anywhere from five to six committees). When I complained, I was told that Ms. Ressler (as the other at-large supervisor) would take care of representing my constituents. Is this how a Republican treats her fellow Republicans?

In 2007, when Ms. Altemus was VACo p...

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