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Letter: For Post, Baker, Seabolt, Nash and Engquist

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As Election Day approaches, it’s crucial for Gloucester residents to understand what’s at stake and who is genuinely dedicated to protecting our community’s values and priorities. One of the most pressing issues at hand is the proposed spending of $8 million on “gender-inclusive” bathroom renovations in our elementary and middle schools. While inclusivity is a noble goal, the manner in which this plan was presented raises numerous concerns.

Darren Post, Jenn Baker, David Seabolt, Matthew Nash and Ted Engquist have made a Day 1 promise that, if elected, they will vote to repeal this costly renovation plan. Their collective stand isn’t just about fiscal responsibility, but also about addressing the genuine concerns of our community. With pressing needs in education, infrastructure and security, is this the best use of $8M of Gloucester County citizens’ tax dollars?Additionally, the proposed floor-to-ceiling bathroom stall design has potential issues. It co...

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