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Letter: For Mosher

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Are you happy with this Congress? If the answer’s, “No,” then isn’t it time for a change?  Isn’t it time to invest in our own infrastructure, creating good, well-paying jobs here at home, and thereby, increasing the demand for goods and services, which will grow the economy and broaden the tax base?

We can do these things and more with vision, confidence, and political will. But, where is incumbent Rob Wittman’s political will to think independently? He consistently votes lockstep with the most extreme members of his party.

Why has he voted twice to privatize Social Security, and twice to end Medicare? Why has he and his party voted 52 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which is already working?

Several weeks ago, he joined with just 12 percent of his colleagues, including the conservative fringe, to shut down the government … again. He has supported shutting down the government twice now, and he will do...

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