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Letter: For Hodges, 98th District

Editr, Gazette-Journal:

The term “for the Common Good” has an engaging ring to it—but is both relative and subjective.

Whose “common good” and determined by whom?

Embraced by the left (progressives, elites, liberals, left-fascist/Antifa, socialists, communists, etc.), “the Common Good” is that which benefits society or the group as a whole, in contrast with private good of the individual. The collective versus the individual. Historically, when the rights and freedoms of the individual are diminished, authoritarian and totalitarian forms of government result.

America’s Common Good is found in the Preamble to our Constitution and our rights and obligations in our Declaration of Independence. Both are under attack by the Left in its march towards an ever-increasing collectivist ideology. The Progressive Left is the enemy of individual freedom and individual liberty of American exceptionalism. The basis of American union is the concept o...

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