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Letter: For Gillespie

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Like many voters in Virginia, I have mixed reactions to negative political ads. I prefer to hear what candidates stand for. On the other hand, I do want to hear the differences between candidates. So, I decided to look into the TV ads for the Virginia Senate candidates—Ed Gillespie and Mark Warner.

My research satisfied me that Gillespie’s ads tell what he is for, and also highlight points of Warner’s voting record in the Senate—true—Warner did vote for Obamacare; Warner did vote for $7 trillion in new taxes; Warner did vote 97 percent for legislation supported by President Obama.

The only attack against Gillespie is that Gillespie once had a public relations firm which had contracts with many companies, including Enron. The SuperPAC ad supporting Warner then goes way too far in falsely implying that the Enron situation is linked directly to Gillespie—totally without merit. What the Warner ads do not tell you is (1) when G...

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