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Letter: For Crowley

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This election year, we are given an opportunity for change. We can elect those representatives in November who are willing to bring debate on the issues that affect Virginia. Health, education, environment and redistricting will all be hot topics in next year’s House of Delegates session.

We are a purple state in that the two parties come close in their elections to each other; therefore, we need to ask ourselves why is the House of Delegates 66 percent GOP and Congress 63 percent GOP.

These numbers do not reflect the “people of Virginia,” they represent the party. The results are a lack of debate on issues, it has been said by some, that the House is where good bills go to die. Several polls, Quinnipiac, etc., completed in April 2017 have shown 60 percent of Virginians support Medicaid expansion. It has not been debated and, according to Mr. Hodges’ comment on Sept. 21 at the Mathews County Resources Council meeting on the “Opi...

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