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Letter: For Clinton/Kaine, Rowe

Editor, Gazette Journal:

I watched in amazement election night 2012, when an analyst was summoned from the bowels of Fox News to explain to Karl Rove why there were not enough votes in the Ohio suburbs to turn the election. We heard the Republican autopsy report, which said, in part, that maybe the party should do a little more outreach to minorities such as African Americans, Latinos and the LGBT community.

So this is the answer, Donald Trump? His early rallies were filled with hate and physical violence. He has made disparaging remarks against a war hero, John McCain, a Gold Star family, the Khans, he has mocked a reporter with disabilities. His opinion of women is shameful.

Oh, and he would build a wall and deport 12 million people. Another trail of tears. Just try to imagine the racial profiling and fear that this would cause. Maybe they will pack them in to railcars like they used in WWII. This will have no impact on the economy, of course, but raising the minimum wage would ru...

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