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Letter: For blessings

Several years ago, I was asked to brick a detached garage for some folks who I had previously bricked their house a few years before that. They wanted the same brick, the same color mortar and the same hand to lay the brick that was in their home.

When I arrived to begin the work on the garage, they greeted me and told me, “thanks for being who you are.” I thought it odd because at the time I was not the person anyone would be grateful for. Evidently their comment was aimed at the “brickee” (mason) not the man. But I never forgot this well-meant compliment. I often thank God for who He is. Although we should count our blessings, it is the Loving, merciful, kind and generous Heart of God where it all comes from. He is far greater than the sum of all He has created.

When we humble ourselves (which simply means to put ourselves in the proper perspective and put God in His proper perspective) it will bring forth gratitude immeasurable in scope. The same God who is...

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