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Letter: Fond memories of Guinea and its people

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Thanks for always printing all the articles you do on Guineamen and the water. It is appreciated.

I noticed in a recent article about how the culture is disappearing. It is, and I thank those who keep it going, but as a 41-year-old Guineaman myself, I can’t help but notice how the paper tends to showcase “Buck Rowe’s” (rest in peace) store and Bena as the heart of Guinea. All respect to them all, but if you want the pulse of down the road, it’s at Marvin’s (Crane’s store) or the state dock or the pool hall down Maryus. Bena is the outskirts.

I was born and raised in Perrin, a double Green on my Deaddy’s side and double Jenkins on my Mumma’s, and they’re from Maryus, Horse Point and Mundys Creek. Severn Circle is the true heart of home and I miss it. I’ve been in prison for 19 years and am just a lowly inmate. I dream nightly of home and my biggest goal left in life is to just once more sit on the pilot house and have the wind flow through my hair as I...

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