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Letter: Fire, rescue personnel deserve our support

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Have you ever pondered what natural treasures might lie in Gloucester, Mathews and all of the surrounding counties? I would like to focus on one of the most important ones.

That treasure is the men and women who proudly wear the uniforms of firefighters and rescue squad personnel. Many of these folks volunteer not only their time but their talent, skill and personal commitment in order to keep our beautiful counties safe from horrific fires and other calamities. I feel we do not give them enough support.

As an example, there were many fires on the weekend of Feb. 19-20 to which volunteer firefighters unselfishly responded. I would like to stress that these dedicated individuals naturally developed significant hunger and thirst during their arduous labor, with no visible relief.

To me, such instances would have been an ideal time for the given communities to have taken water, Gatorade, sandwiches, etc., to the firefighters.

The Gloucester Walmart sho...

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