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Letter: Finding strength in God

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

People who think that Christians are foolish for believing God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are missing out on the gifts Christians receive through their faith. All the money or power in the world will not prevent disease, suffering or death, and it also hasn’t the power to bring happiness like the peace and joy that God gives.

All of us will experience the pain that life can bring, but when God is in you, there is strength within you that can and will carry you through the worst. We know that God wants all mankind to have these gifts and that is why so many pray for those who have not yet asked God into their life.

Government here and all over the world is always intruding in one’s private life, making new laws and then changing them, but God doesn’t do any of that. His Commandments don’t change and He doesn’t force himself into anyone’s life, and most important, He forgives … but the world doesn’t...

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