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Letter: Fear, paranoia and lies

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Trump ran his campaign on fear and paranoia. So, in 2016 one of his greatest hits was “Build the Wall and Mexico will pay for it.” He promised Mexico would pay for it. He lied.

For the last two years, the president has wanted the American people to pay for his promised wall. One of his policy advisors, Ann Coulter, said Trump lied to the American people and that he is a weak negotiator. I agree.

On Feb. 11, President Trump had a rally in El Paso, Texas. Again with the fear and paranoia. He also said that the wall was in the process of being built. He lied. But now he has a new hit: Finish the Wall.

I am sure President Trump dreams about his wall. He may even dream about lions and tigers and bears. And witches and flying monkeys, too.

Now President Trump has declared a National Emergency, which he said he didn’t have to. What? Then he flew to his golf club in Florida to have a weekend of golfing. That must have been his emergency...

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