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Letter: Fear destruction from within

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

A 15-year-old girl (this is as God created her) decides she feels like a boy and therefore wants to be allowed to use the male bathroom at school. There is a self-centered attitude in these demands made by her mother and the groups designed to exploit various types of “victims,” encouraging public outrage and inspiring lawsuits.

These groups will do almost anything to push God and His teachings out of the picture and in their place, put politically correct rules, not caring about the damage to children, because their goal is to divide America and make it weaker. Confusion and angst regarding sex is not new and has always been part of growing up, but today these groups don’t provide genuine help, but instead target this vulnerable stage of life, using them as a tool. What comes next? 

Looking at the damage that has already been done in our schools from elementary to university, we will find that “We, the people” allowed this...

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