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Letter: Fanning the flames

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Why can’t intelligent people look at facts and come to the same conclusions? Because they don’t want to. Prejudice and greed are to blame, though maybe not for the reasons you think. The young man in Missouri and the grown man in New York City had only one similarity, behavior. Yes, I know they were both African American and, yes, I know they were killed by white policemen, but was it their color that precipitated events or was it lack of regard for authority?

I am a 65-year-old white man and have been pulled over and questioned on several occasions in my life. Sometimes I was polite, sometimes not. Though I was never arrested, I would not refuse arrest. Why? Because the second you do, you are at the very least responsible for some of the consequences. Let me illustrate. The gentleman in NYC knew he was obese, knew he had asthma, and lastly knew he was breaking the law. The police knew he was obese—which was probably why there were more offi...

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