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Letter: Families: Our hope and future

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The strength of our country has always started with our families. Raising children isn’t easy, but how we raise them has a strong impact on the kind of country we end up with.

There is no guarantee that children will be all we hoped for—sometimes they are better and other times worse—but they are always ours. Too often today, parents aren’t married and children grow up without the comfort and strength of a Mom and Dad who love each other.

Even if they don’t always agree, parents know their love is exactly what the children need to see to feel secure. Many families suffer through times when there is illness or too much month at the end of the money, but if parents have faith they will usually find a way to work things out and many of those problems will eventually be part of the past.

For those who think faith is of no importance, there will still be people who pray for you as they do for others. This is done with humility, beca...

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