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Letter: Faithful first responders

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was happy to read that Nancy Sweet of Hallieford (Readers Write, Aug. 28, “A different story to tell”) was assisted by passersby after falling in the parking lot of Walmart. Sometimes news reports and especially television’s repetitive dwelling on the negative will taint our outlook towards folks. When we’re in need of help, it would be nice to know that it could be relied upon, but that’s not always the case. Nancy was obviously unsure of what to expect when the two young men approached her.

But Nancy knew that she wasn’t in a parking lot or side street in some foreboding part of a big city. She was in Gloucester. 

A fellow I used to listen to on the radio once asked his audience this question: “How would you feel about walking down a street at night alone, and seeing a group of young black males walking toward you?” Then he added, “And how would those feelings change if you knew they had just com...

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