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Letter: Faith, hope, love remain

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

My heart pumps sorrow through my veins, the pain of grief overwhelms me with no sign of relief. Tears pour from my eyes, anguish is tormenting me. I cry out, “Lord, can you hear me?” In my distress, He answers me. “Up until now, Bryan, was it me or the worldly pleasures that you sought?” I succumb to humility and shame.

I ask myself, “How could you squander it all away?” The Lord has been blessing me in every way. My thoughts want me to believe the Lord forsakes me, but then it strikes me: He is the one, every morning who awakens me, giving me breath of life for the day that awaits me. So I pray that a gift of strength and endurance is placed in me. In Jesus’s name, I am saved. Heaven awaits me.

By faith, I will push forward, knowing that my prayers are not ignored. His power is mountain moving, any obstacle is under His control. God’s comfort fills my soul. He has probed my heart and knows its intentions, open...

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