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Letter: ‘Fair and Balanced’? You decide

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Once again, Teflon Don had a poor debate. Watching the news, Fixx News at that, they portray him as brilliant. The heir apparent. Equal time was not given to all the candidates once again as to marginalize them and to hasten their departure from the race. “Fair and Balanced”? You decide.

His poll numbers remain off the charts, thanks largely to the Socialist Democrats voting in the Republican primary. Why would they do that?  Initially, just to muck up the Republican race. As he has grown in popularity, this longstanding Socialist Democrat, now turned “common-sense” conservative, stands a good chance of not only mucking up the Republican primary, but also winning it.

And they will have not one but two Socialist Democrats to choose from. One from Socialist Party “A,” the other from Socialist Party “B.” He looks presidential, the news people say. Perhaps as president of the Hair Club for Men! Donald Trump is...

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