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Letter: Facts illuminate plan for world governance

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mr. Christie’s rebuttal of my post (Readers Write, Feb. 24) on the Green Earth Deception was intended to label me as a conspiracy theorist. Rather than offering facts opposing my position, he resorted to tactics usually employed by progressives—attack and marginalize the messenger, rather than the message.

He described me as a displaced Bircher, the kind of person the Tea Party attracts. He meant that to be a disparaging description, but in truth was very complimentary. I say that because both organizations are warriors for Constitutional freedom and that is, in fact, what I am. It causes me to question what he supports.

Truth is always better served when facts support one’s position. Facts relative to world governance are these: In the early 1990s, Mr. Willy Brandt, former leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, called a meeting of world Socialist leaders in Stockholm, Sweden. At this meeting, they developed 29 principles an...

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