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Letter: Extending sewer line a bad idea

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Has Mathews County lost its mind? Run a sewer line to the Island in order to give one sewer connection to a restaurant that Mathews County administration should have never leased in the first place? Administration knew from the last tenant the restaurant had sewer problems, but for “financial” reasons it was leased to the current tenant.

I believe it was a political reason and not financial. The Mathews County Board of Supervisors needs to be more transparent than running the sewer for a cost of $4 million. How about tap fees, grinder pumps and the homeowner paying for the disconnection from their septic system to the sewer line?

Not knowing what the tap fee is, the homeowner could expect to pay $15,000-$20,000. How many homeowners will or can afford this high-ticket item? Furthermore, the county staff had stated in the past that the sewer line that was installed only a few years ago could only handle 200 homes. What a small sewer line. In the Ga...

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