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Letter: Essential to control pandemic

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is extremely transmissible. Unless we can bring this pandemic under control even more serious variants are likely to occur. Therefore, it is extremely important that all who are eligible get vaccinated as soon as possible. We do not want to return to the darkest days of 2020 when large parts of our country were on “lockdown” and many people were out of work.

But there are many states that are failing in this regard. It is interesting that of the thirteen states that have vaccination rates less than 40%, the vast majority (92%) voted for Trump in the 2020 election. Although he has been vaccinated, he has made absolutely no effort to persuade his followers to do so.

This is a shame. His “people” follow him slavishly and will do anything he says, including attacking the Capitol. If he would just quit crying over spilt milk and urge everyone to get vaccinated, he would do more to help his country than anything he ha...

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